Pioneering, proven pain treatment for knee OA

Arthrosamid® — The first and only synovial scaffold administered via a single injectable for long-lasting pain relief.

Arthrosamid®- Pioneering, proven pain treatment for knee OA

About 528 million

people worldwide were living with osteoarthritis in 2019; an increase of 113% since 1990.

The Problem

Despite osteoarthritis (OA) being the most common type of arthritis and the fastest-growing cause of disability worldwide,  the treatment area has seen minimal progression in the last 20 years. With so little known about exactly what causes knee OA, a permanent cure has yet to be discovered.

Redefining treatment for knee OA, without surgery

Arthrosamid® is a non-biodegradable 2.5 iPAAG injectable implant that delivers long-lasting pain relief — improving the quality of life for patients with knee OA.

Arthrosamid® ultrasound guided injections
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Arthrosamid® is a first-in-class synovial scaffold delivered as a single, minimally invasive out-patient procedure performed under local anaesthesia, with ultrasound guidance.

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Researched for more than two decades, Arthrosamid® has been proven to maintain a statistically significant reduction in pain in patients with knee OA 3 years after treatment.

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Pain Relief Treatment

A single, minimally invasive, long-lasting knee OA treatment, Arthrosamid® has demonstrated an improvement in quality of life with patients in clinical trials reporting a reduction in pain by Week 4 — and lasting over 3 years.

Arthrosamid syringes

10,000+ patients

Arthrosamid® has treated more than 10,000 patients and is available in over 200 clinics across Europe.

Simple one-step outpatient procedure

Relieve pain and improve the function of the knee affected by knee OA, with a simple, one-step outpatient procedure.

Our Results

In all our studies , Arthrosamid® exceeds the MCID of 9 points and improvement is maintained up to 3 years after a single injection.

Grouped studies

WOMAC pain subscale change from baseline across studies

344 million people living with osteoarthritis experience severity levels (moderate or severe) that could benefit from rehabilitation.

Arthrosamid®Rehab Programme

Patient Rehabilitation Programme

We are delighted to introduce our patient rehabilitation programme. Click on the link below to see the videos.